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At MXBowen PPC, Health & Breathing Center in NYC, our pulmonary doctors take a personalized, integrative approach to patient care with lung treatment that starts with evaluating all of the relevant systems that may be creating breathing issues, including the heart, sinuses, and esophagus. If you have seen a primary care physician for a cough or breathing problem that simply won’t go away, then it’s time to see an experienced pulmonologist at a practice that specializes in providing relief for a wide range of pulmonary symptoms.
Our lung doctors specialize in shortness of breath, asthma, chronic cough, bronchitis, COPD, sleep apnea, pulmonary function testing, and more. No matter your pulmonary condition, visit Dr. Marc Bowen in NYC for expert treatment and long-term relief.

Pulmonary Function Testing

Pulmonary function testing (PFT) provides valuable information about how well your lungs are working. If you have a chronic cough, shortness of breath, are experiencing problems with oxygenation, or are exhibiting symptoms indicating potential lung problems, expert lung doctor Dr. Bowen may recommend that you undergo pulmonary function testing in order to accurately diagnose your condition. At MXBowen, Physician, P.C., Health & Breathing Center, our NYC facility is equipped with the latest pulmonary function testing technology so that patients can have the test performed from the comfort and convenience of our office, with accurate results available in less than 30 minutes. Consult with our board-certified pulmonary doctors today.

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