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How Do I Know If I Have Asthma? - Blog Post

How Do I Know If I Have Asthma?

Tags: | Published: 2019/10/15

Diagnosing asthma is not something you can do by yourself. It requires a visit to your physician or pulmonologist to determine for sure, but there are symptoms of asthma that you should be aware of. And if you do experience these asthma symptoms, you should check in with your physician. Asthma Symptoms You Should Know […]

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How to Prepare for a Bronchial Thermoplasty - Blog Post

How to Prepare for a Bronchial Thermoplasty

Tags: | Published: 2019/09/15

Bronchial thermoplasty is a treatment that can help asthma sufferers enjoy a better quality of life. During clinical trials, this treatment resulted in 84% fewer ER visits. During a bronchial thermoplasty, your physician will use a bronchoscope to access your airways and use a special instrument that heats up the smooth muscle in the airways […]

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<h2>Does Excessive Daytime Sleepiness Mean I Have Sleep Apnea?</h2> - Blog Post

Does Excessive Daytime Sleepiness Mean I Have Sleep Apnea?

Tags: | Published: 2019/08/26

Feeling sleepy during the day once in a while isn’t usually a problem. However, if you suffer from excessive daytime sleepiness on a regular basis, does it mean you have sleep apnea? Find out more about this symptom and what it might mean. What Is Excessive Sleepiness? Excessive sleepiness refers to feeling much more tired […]

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Can a Pulmonary Function Test Detect Lung Cancer? - Blog Post

Can a Pulmonary Function Test Detect Lung Cancer?

Tags: , , | Published: 2019/07/19

When you have breathing problems or other possible symptoms of lung cancer, your doctor might recommend having a pulmonary function test done. These tests show how well your lungs perform when you breathe in and out. While these tests are done for a number of reasons, detecting lung cancer is one of them. Who Needs […]

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Symptoms of Emphysema - Blog Post

Symptoms of Emphysema

Tags: | Published: 2019/06/14

Emphysema is a chronic condition that can lead to lung damage and other complications. Having this condition diagnosed and treated can help reduce these risks. What is Emphysema? Emphysema is a condition that causes damage to air sacs in your lungs. These air sacs have difficulty allowing fresh air to get into your lungs when […]

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What Causes COPD? - Blog Post

What Causes COPD?

Tags: | Published: 2019/05/15

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, or COPD, causes respiratory problems that can range from mild to severe. Those who have this condition can manage it with proper treatment. What is COPD? COPD refers to a respiratory disease that causes airflow problems in your lungs. Treating this condition can help you live more comfortably while also lowering […]

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Most Common Signs of Sleep Apnea - Blog Post

Most Common Signs of Sleep Apnea

Tags: , , | Published: 2019/04/10

What is Sleep Apnea? Sleep apnea is a condition characterized by interruptions in breathing while you sleep. These episodes are so brief as they often go unnoticed by the person who is sleeping. Sleep apnea is diagnosed as a sleep disorder and can impact your quality of life due to lack of restful sleep. Over […]

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When is the Best Time to Get a Lung Cancer Screening? - Blog Post

When is the Best Time to Get a Lung Cancer Screening?

Tags: , | Published: 2019/03/18

Screenings for lung cancer provide a way to detect this disease early so that you can get started on treatment. Early treatment for this disease can help improve your outcome and lower your risk of having lung cancer spread to other parts of your body or reach more advanced stages. What to Expect from a […]

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What is a Sleep Profiler? - Blog Post

What is a Sleep Profiler?

Tags: , | Published: 2019/02/25

When you suspect that you have a sleep disorder, it’s important to have your sleep quality assessed. The Sleep Profiler provides a more convenient way to assess your sleep in the comfort of your own home. What Is the Sleep Profiler? A Sleep Profiler is a small device that allows you to perform an assessment […]

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Treatment for Chronic Cough - Blog Post

Treatment for Chronic Cough

Tags: | Published: 2019/01/22

Having an occasional cough, such as when you have a cold, is considered normal. When you have a chronic cough, though, it’s important to find out what is causing it, as it helps ensure that you get the treatment you need. Symptoms of a Chronic Cough A chronic cough lasts for at least eight weeks, […]

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