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Treatment for Chronic Cough

Having an occasional cough, such as when you have a cold, is considered normal. When you have a chronic cough, though, it’s important to find out what is causing it, as it helps ensure that you get the treatment you need. Symptoms of a Chronic Cough A chronic cough lasts for at least eight weeks, …

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Why Do I Have Trouble Breathing?

Feeling short of breath after jogging up a couple of flights of stairs can be perfectly normal. Yet, many times shortness of breath comes on suddenly with a variety of other symptoms that could signal you have a serious underlying condition that requires prompt medical care. Causes of Shortness of Breath Also called dyspnea, shortness …

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Should I Be Worried about my Shortness of Breath?

Healthy adults take about 30,000 breaths a day, and most of the time, it takes no conscious effort and you don’t even pay attention to it. When you experience shortness of breath (dyspnea), however, it can be worrisome and leave you wondering what’s wrong. In this blog, New York City pulmonologist Dr. Marc Bowen of …

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What Are the Top Causes of Shortness of Breath?

In some cases, it’s perfectly normal to feel out of breath. If you’ve been exercising, for example, or at a high altitude, you may temporarily feel short of breath without necessarily having a reason to be concerned. But if you feel shortness of breath without an obvious reason, it can be a signal that you …

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