Trouble Breathing: When Should I See the Doctor

Everyone experiences moments where they feel out of breath or can’t catch their breath. It could be due to exercise or exertion; it could be from anxiety. But when you begin to experience shortness of breath on a regular basis, or when your trouble breathing is accompanied by other symptoms, you may want to see a doctor to determine what is causing the issue.

Trouble Breathing: How It Can Manifest

Trouble breathing does not always mean you’re gasping for air or cannot take a full breath. It can also mean you’re not getting enough oxygen with your breaths, and your oxygen level begins to drop. While 100 is optimal, the high 90s is good. If your oxygen drops into the 80s, you should waste no time seeing a doctor. Trouble breathing can also be exacerbated or caused by a chronic cough. If your coughing has become severe enough that it’s difficult to breathe, you should see a doctor. And it may necessitate a trip to the ER if you are experiencing chest pain, extreme dizziness, heart palpitations. It could all be anxiety, but it could be something else, too.

What Illnesses Can Cause Difficulty Breathing?

We’re all sensitive to the concern about breathing brought on by the pandemic, but there are other seriously diseases and conditions for which difficulty breathing may be symptom, such as asthma, COPD, pulmonary embolism, and lung cancer. In order to determine the cause of your difficulty and start a treatment that will work quickly to help you, you should make an appointment to see Dr. Bowen. Don’t ignore your symptoms.

 There are many things that can contribute to difficulty breathing and it’s critical that you seek an evaluation from an experienced pulmonologist and breathing specialist to get to the bottom of your particular symptoms. Whether your shortness of breath just came on suddenly or it has been an ongoing problem, contact our office at 212-480-4062 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Bowen as soon as possible. We can provide effective and long-term shortness of breath treatment.

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