Watch That Cough: It May Be Pneumonia

pneumonia If you’re sick with a cough and have fever or chills, you may need to see a healthcare physician for pneumonia.

How Does Pneumonia Affect My Body?

Pneumonia is the inflammation of the lungs that stems from a viral or bacterial infection. The air sacs of the lungs become filled with pus or fluid. If you do not tend to the pneumonia, the liquid in your lungs will solidify overtime. Pus or fluid in your lungs will produce cough, headache, fever, and chills. The presence of either liquid also inhibits your ability to breathe and blocks oxygen from getting into your bloodstream. Therefore, pneumonia can be life-threatening.

What Are The Warning Signs That I Have Pneumonia?

It is possible to confuse pneumonia with a cold or flu. The following symptoms are indicative of pneumonia.

Colorful Mucus

Neither mucus nor phlegm should be green or yellow. If your mucus or phlegm is either color, then it is a sign of bacterial or viral infection.

Fever and Sweating

When the body has a fever, its homeostasis becomes off-balanced. Fever induces chemicals that warm the body. The body will attempt to regulate its temperature. During the regulation process, you will feel cold extremities. As a result, profuse sweating and chills accompany a fever.

Chest Pains

Pneumonia typically causes chest pains. These chest pains can feel like a sharp pain or stabbing pain as opposed to soreness. As your condition worsens, so will your pain. You’ll notice that your chest pain will feel worse whenever you take deep breaths or cough.

Despite these symptoms, you should not stop at a self-diagnosis. For a complete assessment, a doctor may conduct a pulmonary and thoracic ultrasound.

What Should I Do If I Think I Have Pneumonia?

You should see a healthcare provider specializing in pulmonary and thoracic services if you suspect you have pneumonia. Although viral pneumonia can resolve itself, bacterial pneumonia requires antibiotics. Furthermore, the fluid in your lungs can lead to empyema, which is an illness where the fluid has become infected.

New York, NY, Pneumonia Doctor

Dr. Marc Bowen, M.D., is an NYC pulmonologist (lung doctor) who has been in practice for years. He is devoted to providing his patients with quality care and using the latest technology to conduct thorough analysis of his patients’ lungs and pleura. His office allows for same-day appointments and has two locations for your convenience. To schedule an appointment at MXBowen, Physician P.C., Health and Breathing Center, call 212-480-4062.

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