What Is Nitric Oxide Monitoring?

Young man using asthma inhaler at home If you suspect that you are dealing with asthma, a proper and definitive diagnosis of your condition is the first step in finding help in managing it. To diagnose asthma, Dr. Marc Bowen of New York, NY, may recommend nitric oxide monitoring. This is a fast, in-office diagnostic service that can provide information to the pulmonologist regarding swelling of the lungs and airways to ensure proper identification of your medical condition.

What Is Nitric Oxide Monitoring, and What Can I Expect During My Testing?

Nitric oxide monitoring is a non-invasive test that works by measuring the amount of nitric oxide in your exhaled breath. The test results can help Dr. Marc Bowen and his team at MXBowen to diagnose asthma and accurately measure how well your lungs are functioning.

What Happens During My Test?

During the testing, you will be asked to breathe into a device with a mouthpiece or mask. You will be asked to take a few deep breaths and exhale while the device measures the actual amount of nitric oxide in your breath. The test is usually completed within ten minutes or less and provides information regarding the amount of nitric oxide found in the lining of the airway to determine if you have inflammation or even allergic reactions.

What Can I Expect After My Test?

After your testing, Dr. Marc Bowen and his team at MXBowen can use the results to determine a number of factors. This includes whether or not you are a good candidate to take steroids for your asthma, determining how effective your medications are if you have already been treating asthma, and if you need modifications to your current treatment plan. It can also be the first screening performed to diagnose you with asthma.

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