Why Do I Have Shortness of Breath?

woman suffering from breathing problem near window indoors Dr. Marc Bowen is a pulmonologist in New York, NY, who can help patients understand the possible reasons for their shortness of breath by performing a thorough evaluation and giving patients a proper diagnosis. He can also explain the importance of keeping up with preventative care measures to keep symptoms at bay. Dr. March Bowen is trained in diagnosing and treating all respiratory illnesses, from simple infections to more serious conditions like pulmonary fibrosis and sarcoidosis. In addition, he has experience managing complex medical problems involving multiple systems, like sleep apnea or neuromuscular issues that lead to breathing difficulties.

Why Do I Have Shortness of Breath?

There are several conditions that can contribute to shortness of breath in our patients.

These include the following medical concerns:

  • Asthma
  • Allergies
  • Bronchitis
  • COPD

In order to determine the cause of shortness of breath, he may perform various diagnostic tests to get the information he needs to make an educated decision. With a definitive diagnosis, he can then talk to his patients about the options available to them for successful treatment of this and other symptoms related to their condition.

Why Choose Dr. Marc Bowen?

Dr. Marc Bowen is dedicated to helping his patients manage their breathing issues so they can live life comfortably and without difficulty doing everyday tasks. Through his practice, he strives to improve quality of life by providing comprehensive treatment plans that address all aspects of the patient’s condition. With his help, patients can learn how to recognize symptoms and make lifestyle changes to improve their overall health. Additionally, he will work with each individual patient to understand why they may be having shortness of breath and create a personalized plan for care. With several decades of experience as a pulmonologist, he can assist patients in and around the New York, NY, community with their conditions and help provide answers for shortness of breath and other complications.

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